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Holy Cross of Riaumont

Canonically recognized by Pope John Paul II,
the Holy Cross Religious Institute of Riaumont serves youth through scouting
as Father Jacques Sevin wanted.
Fathers and brothers work towards their own sanctification
and the education of children, adolescents, and young adults
within this Scout Order.

“Scouting is not only a method of education of which it is essential that we know the mechanism, it is moreover an authentically Catholic spirituality, a form of life freely chosen by our boys, all oriented towards dedication and self-sacrifice, and as a consequence towards the practice of the fundamental virtues which are the basis of scouting: Loyalty and Purity. Scouting is a way of conceiving and practicing the Law of the Gospel, a way of considering the problems that existence poses, both in our individual life and in our family and social life…”

(Canon Cornette, Chaplain General of the Scouts of France, editorial of the Bulletin de Liaison des chaplains scouts N°15, p.1)

Scout Order

Religious institute "Holy Cross of Riaumont"

in the spirit of scouting at the service of young people.

How to talk about the Scout Order?

Explanation of this analogical term

Ways of accessing Scout spirituality

summary essay by Rémi Fontaine

“The great religious movements in the world have been caused by the breath of the Spirit. There is the Benedictine spirit, the Dominican spirit, the Franciscan spirit, the spirit of the companions of Jesus, the spirit of the Marists , etc… But there is and there must be the scout spirit, because scouting is also a spirituality.
[…] Our scouting will be worth what its spirit will be worth. The scout spirit is for him what the soul is to the body. Without doubt, we must take care of the body: the technique, the outings, the camps, everything that interests the boy, makes him resourceful, gives him courage, makes him a man. But the soul, the scout soul, is what is important not to neglect! …What would the most beautiful body be if it is not the tabernacle of the most beautiful soul?”
(Canon Cornette, BdL editorial No. 9, October-November 1930: “Training in the scout spirit in the troop”)

notre spiritualité

Scout origin from the Riaumont Institute

(in French)

Our attachment to the Benedictine family

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Our field of apostolate: youth

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For better knowing sprituality Sainte-Croix of Riaumont

“For the scout movement to spread, for the “scout order” to be established throughout France and the world, what we need is scouts first of all, real scouts, good campers , good trackers, good pioneers, who are all of this and who are saints. »
(P. Jacques Sevin, General Commissioner of the Scouts of France, towards a scout order, editorial of Le Chef January 1931).

Scout spirituality

Scout pious images

spirituality illustrations

St George club

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book "Lord and Chief"

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Seigneur et Chef
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